Anyone still out there?


Sorry I was gone for a while.  Summer seems to get so busy and there just aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes.  For those faithful readers who are still coming by – thanks! 

Well, life is changing once again.  Funny how that always seems to happen, huh? Our daughter is going back to college.  This is her second year and this time she’s getting an apartment off campus with a roommate.  To be clear, that roommate is a girl, not the boyfriend of 5 years.  I know I’m in the minority here but I feel strongly that they should not live together if they’re not married.  I’ll save that little soap box speech for another day so I don’t get too far off-topic.

Anyway, our daughter is preparing to return to college after a summer of living with us.  We barely ever saw her since she worked pretty much full time and spent most of the time she wasn’t working at her boyfriend’s house.  But, she’s anxious to leave our abode and, according to her, never return to live there again.  She says we’re too much alike to live together :).  She’s probably right but it’s still weird to hear your child say, “I will never live with you again”. Part of me wonders if that will actually be true; if something will happen a few years from now when she graduates and wants to stay with us for ” a couple months” while she gets a job or what not. But, she’s pretty determined right now that she will never again live with us and part of that is sad and part of that is pretty exciting! 

She is taking everything she owns out of my house.  Well, most of it anyway. She has lined everything up in the front of the house ready for the moving van on Saturday. She’s accumulated furniture and we’ve spent every weekend for the last month painting it. We’ve done some fun art projects and had them framed and gotten her all the things she’ll need to have a home of her own. I asked her last night if she was excited and she said kind of but I think she really is.  What an exciting time in her life?!?

In case any of you are worried about Hubby and I freaking out over the “empty nest”, don’t bother.  We totally good with it 🙂

Anyone want to come help move on Saturday?


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