So, I’ve been suffering from “Summer Feet”.  If you’re not familiar with this condition – don’t worry overmuch – I just made it up.  Let me first say, I do NOT have gross feet. The argument couldbe made that most all feet are gross, and I don’t particularly disagree with that but, compared to most feet – mine are just fine. I keep my nails trimmed neatly back, I don’t have hammertoes, corns or bunions and there is no odor. However, after months of mainly wearing sandals and flip-flops, they were starting to get dry looking.  I don’t get those big cracks in my heels but I had developed a couple very small cracks. They didn’t hurt at all and weren’t deep but they concerned me because I know they can become very painful and I wanted to try to avoid that if at all possible.

So, yesterday I was contemplating my dry feet and decided something needed to be done about them. I adore pedicures but we’ve been on a pretty strict budget lately and there just wasn’t an extra $30-40 laying around for me to get one so I scratched that idea pretty quickly.  I had been coveting one of those ped-egg things:

But I was being cheap and didn’t want to spent the whole $10 to buy one. Well, I finally caved and bought one yesterday.  For Christmas last year my sisters got me this foot massager thing that you fill with water and it bubbles, vibrates and heats the water:












I grabbed that, loaded it down with as hot water as I could stand, poured in a bunch of foaming foot salts and soaked my little tootsies for about 45 minutes.  It was lovely.  VERY relaxing.  I “ped-egged” (is this an actual word?) both my feet generously, tried to use this little shaver/razor thingy but didn’t really get much so I quit that pretty quick. I then slathered on this wonderful foot cream called:









Pretty straight forward name, huh? If you’re interested, it works really well and you can get it at Wal-Mart (blech).

Anyway, I slathered a thick layer of that on my tootsie-wootsies, wrapped them in cling wrap, put on a pair of socks and went to bed.  Why the cling wrap? It makes the lotion be absorbed by your skin and not wiped off by the socks. I awoke this morning with lovely, soft and crack-free feet!  It really did make a HUGE difference. I won’t post a picture of my actual feet (you know – cause all feet are kind of gross) but they’re really thanking me for the pampering today 🙂


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  1. Glad to hear your feet are in good shape now. I had been lusting after a pedicure for a few weeks now. Pregnancy has made my skin really dry and my feet were looking scary since all I have worn are sandals lately too. I had decided not to spend the money since I am broke and on a strict budget too. Then I tried to clip my toenails- nearly impossible with my big baby belly and it took waaaayyy longer than it should have. It also took me another week before I attempted the old polish removal. That same day I gave up and ended up at the salon for a pedicure. Best $40 bucks I ever spent!

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