I adore this show.  I know it’s been off the air for several years but it’s still on several times a day thanks to syndication.  The funny thing is, I was never a big fan while it was on TV but now I adore it.  It comes on at 10:30, 11:00 and 11:30 each night so we usually fall asleep watching it.  We never used to turn the TV on in the bedroom but it seems we’ve started a new habit in the last year or so.

Anyway, we adore Frasier.  We’ve seen all the episodes (I’m pretty sure) and most episodes we’ve seen 4 and 5 times.  My absoulte favorite episode is when Daphne tries to teach Niles and Frasier to ride a bike. I’ve only seen this episode twice and once was in the hospital ER so I didn’t really get to pay much attention.  This is a fantasic episode that is so funny my face hurts after watching it. If I ever catch it on again, I’m going to save it to my DVR and never erase it.

Another really funny episode is called, “Three Valentines”. It shows Valentine’s Day evening for Niles, Frasier and Martin/Daphne.  The first one is Nile’s evening. He’s sitting in Frasier’s apartment and he does this 5 minute sketch where he doesn’t say a word, he’s all by himself and it’s absolutely hilarious. It culminates with him passed out on the floor after setting the couch on fire. This could be the funniest sketch performed by a person without saying a word for 5 straight minutes (and it had to be filmed all in one take so no mess ups either) ever in the history of tv. Here’s the link of the sketch from You tube:

If you don’t laugh at that one you must not have a pulse. I love the part with the scissors!

I also play a little game during the opening of Frasier. They always start with the Seattle skyline and almost always something comes into the skyline: a hot air balloon, a storm cloud, the windows turn on, there’s a helicoptor, an elevator goes up the space needle, etc.  I’ve start trying to guess what it is before it shows up. I don’t know why but I feel compelled to shout my guess at the TV. Most times I’m wrong and I always say, “Darn!”. Hubby has started laughing at me.

I’ll save this for another post another time but in the mornings we’ve started watching The Golden Girls!


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  1. Oh man, that was bust-a-gut funny- thanks for sharing. We used to watch Frasier when it was on and then late at night when it was in syndication. Love that show! BTW- I saw the beginning of the Golden Girls the other day and realized I know all the words to the them song still. I laughed at myself as I got teary-eyed by the sentiment.

    So, thank YOU for being a friend….

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