What’s For Dinner?


First, I should totally get kudos for the wonderful job I’ve been doing about so many posts this week, right?  Okay, I’m about to sprain my arm for patting myself on the back so I digress.

So – last Thursday Hubby and I made hamburger steaks for dinner. I don’t k know why we call them hamburger “steaks”. Do you call it that if it’s not served on a bun? Do you call it that if you add extra spices and seasonings and it isn’t just ground beef patties? If so, I meet the “hamburger steak” definition on both counts so I guess we’re safe :). Anyway, last Thursday we made hamburger steaks for dinner and we only used half the pound of hamburger. We  have the other 1/2 pound left and I want to use that for dinner tonight. We already had spaghetti with chicken parmesan last week so I didn’t want to make spaghetti with it. It’s still too hot to make chili. We like to make tacos with chicken instead of ground beef. I’m kind of burnt out on meatballs for a while and I didn’t want to make “hamburger steaks” again. I was kind of stumped and thought I’d look around for some new ideas on Allrecipes.com. Well – I think I’ve got it!  Anyone ever made beef stroganoff with ground beef There are several recipes on the site for it and most are pretty simple and we have all the ingredients so I think we’re going to give it a whirl tonight. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow if it’s any good.  If not, I post directions on how to go to the store a buy a packet of beef stroganoff flavoring to add to the beef or your choice.  Of course, there’s always the Hamburger Helper way to beef stroganoff as well but I try to avoid those for Hubby’s sake.


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