Smooth Away works BUT…


I’ve told you guys how much I adore watching infomercials but I must confess, I’ve never ordered any of them.  Weird, huh? I believe some of them actually work, and probably pretty well, but I’d rather buy it in a store where if it doesn’t work, I can return it.

A couple months ago my friend Erika and I went to the flea market. This is only the 2nd time I’ve ever been to the flea market so it was just as wondrous as the first time. I’m always amazed at some of the junk people are selling and more amazed that people buy it!  I did make two purchases. The first was 3 necklaces for $10 which I have thoroughly enjoyed. The second, under pressure from Erika, was a Smooth Away.

The woman selling them did a demonstration on Erika’s arm and she was very impressed. I should point out that Erika’s arm hair was very light and fine and Smooth Away got rid of that hair almost effortlessly and painlessly. She was sold and got her money out. The demonstrator lady said they were having a special and you could get one for $20 or two for $30 (I think that was the price). So Erika looked beseechingly at me. I caved and got my money out too.

That afternoon when I got home, I anxiously got out my Smooth Away. They have a big one to use for your underarms and your legs. I had no interest in that. My interest lie in the little facial one. I thought it would be perfect for my oh-so-unfeminine mustache. I had previously been using Nair (the special face one) but that always made my lip feel funny for a couple days afterward. I applied the “crystal” pad to the buffer and went to work. It only took a few minutes and every single tiny hair on my upper lip disappeared. The package said not to apply any lotion or moisturizer but I ignored it and put on a little Neosporin to help with “razor burn” and went about my merry way.

After dinner later that evening I started experiencing a burning sensation on my lip.  Hmm, maybe I was a little over-zealous with my rubbing. I applied a little more Neosporin (this time the + pain variety). An hour or two later, when it was time for bed, Hubby was being “kissy” and I had to ask him to stop.  My lip was hurting so bad that I couldn’t even stand kissing.  Bear in mind that this is one of my absolute favorite things to do!  NO KISSING?  This should tell you just how much my lip was hurting.  Searing hot pain was shooting into my lip area. CRAP! This thing was bruning like crazy and it friggin’ hurt!  OH THE PAIN!

I spoke with Erika about a week later and asked if she had used her Smooth Away. She said she had but it hurt.  OH! I was overjoyed to hear that it wasn’t just me. Sad for her but THRILLED for me! I wasn’t a total idiot who just used it wrong – Erika was burning too!

I put the Smooth Away in the back of the bathroom closet and forgot about it. Until a couple days ago. I noticed that my mustach was making a reappearance. I have to admit, I used that thing in June and it’s the first week of September and I’m just now having to address it again? That’s pretty good results. I dig out the package and look at it carefully. I decide to be WAY more gentle and do it the shortest amount of time possible. I also decided to do it right before I went to bed so if there were any “side effects” perhaps I would sleep through them. I “smoothed away” my lip, didn’t apply anything as directed by the package and went to bed. I awoke this morning and no problems!  My lip is hair free and there’s no pain!  Woo-hoo!  Success!

For those of you who were thinking about getting one, here are my thoughts:

  • I don’t think it’ll work all that great for your legs. It would take too long, the pads will wear out too quickly and I don’t think it will last any longer than regular shaving
  • I don’t think it would be that great for your under arms. See reasons above.
  • I think it would be good for removing arm hair. If you are so inclined to do that. I don’t but I know several women who do so more power to ya! Just make sure not to do too much and be very gentle!
  • It’s great for removing mustache hair. I don’t think it would work on a man but it works good for medium to fine mustache hair.
  • Be gentle and don’t do too much at one time
  • Follow package directions – i.e. no lotion afterward
  • Do it right before bed so if there is any slight pain, hopefully, you’ll sleep through it

Hope this helps!


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