“Fall” Cleaning Continues…


This past weekend I continued my fall cleaning. The old TV room (which used to be my crop room) has been moved to daughter’s old room since she said, “I’m never living with you again – I’ve moved out forever”. Her room was bigger so we’ve transferred the recliners and TV cabinet to her room. We have plans to move the treadmill and Wii in there too but it hasn’t been done yet.

We turned the old TV room into a guest room.  Actually, it’s really quite lovely. I’m saving that for a separate post because I still have to take pictures. And – you’ll have to come back 🙂

But this weekend I tackled a project that should have been done years ago. We have a small closet in our den that’s basically a utility closet. We keep the broom, mop, vacuum, ironing board and loads of other stuff in there.  We have about 10 things that are on handles that have been shoved into that closet. If you went to take the vacuum out, there were usually 2 things with handles that came along with it. It was crowded and a complete mess. To make matters worse, the cable wire ran through that closet too. It would get tangled up in all the stuff as well. I hated getting anything in to or out of that closet because it would always make me mad.  Well, may I introduce my NEW ORGANIZED CLOSET:

 It may still look a tad messy but you need to look closer.  Notice the bottom of the picture where you can see my Roomba and the floor. Notice all those things with handles are no long touching that floor?!?! This is the most wonderful thing possible. Here is another view:


 See? I put 13 nails in the sides of the walls of the closet and now everything with a handle has it’s own hook. I even added a couple for the duster and the extension cord that used to just lay on the floor of the closet.

If you look closely at the floor you will notice the little black line running around the perimeter. That is the cable cord which I tacked down with these little plastic things that hold cords in place. It no longer gets tangled up with the vacuum. I was able to create enough floor space where I could even put the Roomba in the closet with it’s charging base so it’s always ready to go!

I know this may not seem like a big deal to most of you. But, this closet has been a thorn in my side for, literally, 10 years. I’m very proud!


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