Guest Room & Bathroom Floors


Weird post title, huh?

Last week, I cleaned my entire house.  And I mean, the ENTIRE house. The only things I didn’t do were the windows and the garage. I need Hubby for both of those and it’s been too hot to ask him to do much around the house when he’s having to work so hard. Those can wait until fall weather finally gets here.

Anyway, since daughter moved out, we finally have an official guest room once again. Here’s the room now that it’s all done:

Notice the pictures hanging under the window? Those are drawings Hubby and I did on our trip to Disney. Also, at the end of the bed are all the toys I keep at my house when the kids come over. Remember, I have 5 nephews. The big fat black blob on the bed is the cat. I’m thinking about calling this the cat room:

She has been enjoying this room more than anyone else. She especially loves all the pillows. These are the same pillows I made for the master bedroom a couple years ago. I knew we wouldn’t continue to use them all the time because moving them every night got to be a pain in the butt. I ended up storing them in those vacuum space bags and keeping them in the top of the hall closet. Finally – they have a home!

In addition to getting the bed, mattress and box springs out of the storage closet down stairs, having a guest room enabled me to move one of the leather wing back chairs (albeit a little tightly), the desk and the cat litter box out of the library and place all of them in the guest room. The small writing desk actually looks pretty good in here:

The cat litter box was moved into the closet where we can keep the door just cracked and the kitty can come and go in private (hehe) as she pleases and not get litter all over the floor.

Not only did we get the guest room completely finished, last Thursday I also scrubbed my bathroom floors:

This may not seem like such a great feat but I have 40+ year old white tile and grout on my bathroom floors. Keeping them clean when you use hairspray and all the dirt sticks to the hairspray which sticks to the floor makes keeping this floor clean almost impossible. Regular mopping gets the tile clean but the white grout isn’t cleaned very well like that. What did I have to do? I literally got down on my hands and knees with a scrub brush and a giant bottle of Soft Scrub with bleach and scrubbed.  This is after I scrubbed the tub and the shower walls which is the same white tile with white grout. I saturated the floors and let the bleach sit on there a few hours before I took a big bucket of hot water and a sponge mop and cleaned it up. It looks really good for now. Wonder how long it will stay white?


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  1. I am truly blessed to have such a great Hubby. Actually, yes, having the guest room in this room WAS his idea. How did you ever know? 🙂

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