80 Degrees?!?!?


I so badly want it to be autumn. I hung my autumn wreath on the door 2 weeks ago! We haven’t yet put out our pumpkins or scarecrow (above is the picture of what we did last year) but I think we’re going to do that this weekend.

Despite all my efforts to lure autumn to me, what have I accomplished? NADA – not a durn thing! Today it’s going to be 83 and tomorrow the high is like 80! I don’t want to have to keep shaving my legs and it’s too hot to wear blue jeans. I think I’m going to pout. And I might stomp my feet a little bit too. Not that it will do any good, mind you, but it might make me feel a little better.

I just told Hubby on the phone I’d like to carve a real pumpkin this year. We haven’t done that in a couple years because the neighborhood punks smash them in the street and pumpkins have gotten quite expensive. But, I want to this year and suggested to Hubby that we buy two and each do one. He said one would probably be enough (probably because he knows he has to scoop out all the gross pumpkin guts because I certainly won’t be doing it).


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