Another Pet Peeve – Trucks


I’ve already talked about my pet peeve of rude and inconsiderate people but I don’t think I’ve mentioned my pet peeve involving trucks yet. I hate the view of the picture above if I had been in the right lane. You see, I have this thing about being behind a truck or other large vehicle. It makes me very uncomfortable to be behind one. I can handle it for a little bit, like if you’re trying to pass or if you’re about to turn but if you’re just traveling down the street, I simply won’t stay behind a truck if I can help it.

Part of the reason is because I can’t see. It inhibits my view of what is happening in front of the truck. This is a problem because I don’t know if the truck is paying attention or not and perhaps there’s a car that’s stopped or turning in front if the truck. If I can see in front, I can go ahead and start to slow down or change lanes but if I can’t see I have to trust that the truck is paying attention. I don’t like to leave my safety to some guy in a truck I don’t know.

The absolute worst (by the by – should this be worst or worse? I don’t know, hhmmm)  is a semi-truck on the interstate. I HATE being behind that. You can’t see anything behind one of those. And sometimes there’s not a way around them for a while and then you’re really stuck. This makes me anxious. There’s not a lot of things that make me anxious and uncomfortable but this can do it for sure.

Hubby has noooo problem staying behind a truck. This makes me crazy. He doesn’t even realize he does it. There are times when I can’t stand it any longer and simply MUST ask him to please go around or get in another lane. He usually just shakes his head and obliges me. He does NOT understand my angst over this but it is real and it is a thing over which I have no control so just – GO AROUND THE FREAKIN’ TRUCK ALREADY, WOULD YA!?!?!?!?!. The photo below would be my worst nightmare:

I would probably just drive my car off any availalbe cliff. Or crawl into the trunk of the car and let my Hubby get us the heck out of here!


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