This Made Me Cry…


My practically-grown-up-college daughter came over yesterday and asked if I would help with a project she was doing in her Interior Design class. As an aside, let me say that she absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVES her major and is doing extremely well. She was chosen as her class representative to meet with some fancy big-wig Architecture association and I am so very very proud of her I can hardly stand it. I am so happy that she’s enjoying school and is doing so well in her major. If Interior Design didn’t work out I don’t know what she would have done as no other major held the slightest interest for her so we were very happy that she is so good at it and likes it.

Anyway, she came over yesterday and I helped her for a couple hours on this project. It’s complicated to explain but my part was cutting out intricate B’s. I had a big dent in my finger from the scissors by the time I was done but the project looked really good when we finished. We all had dinner together and it was nice to spend some time just the 3 of us as that rarely happens.

Today I came and checked my e-mail and had this message from her:

“Just wanted to let you know I made it home safe! Had a fun time with you tonight and I appreciate all your help! Watch this video when you have a sec, it made me think of you!” This was the video:

It made me cry when I watched it. Love ya, sweetie!


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