Hhmmmm, what’s been up with me this year?


There have been many websites, including this blog, that I have visited daily for several years. For some unknown reason, this past summer and fall I kind of got tired of visiting so many of them. Not that there were THAT many but I’d say there were about 10 sites that I visited everyday. About 5 of them I’ve stopped. I don’t have a particular reason why but I just didn’t care anymore. I’ve deleted them from my favorites and will probably never go back.

One of those sites was a message board to discuss my favorite author ever – Jude Deveraux. She written books since the late 70’s and her stuff was great for years and then in the mid 90’s she started going a different direction. I didnt’ like it but I stuck in there with her. However, I was becoming more and more dismayed. However, this past month she has released a new book, Days of Gold that is a terrific return to the Jude I fell in love with. HOORAY!!!  I stayed up until I finished the book completely last night. That made me go back to visit that message board this morning and I wondered why I hadn’t been on there in months. I sort of made friends with many of those women.

This blog is something I have wondered about. I thought about giving it up because nobody EVER comments. I know about a dozen or more people visit daily and I don’t understand why no one leaves any comments. It seems like I have a comment about everything but then I started thinking that I rarely leave comments on the blogs I visit. I wonder why that is?

So, I’m going to make an effort to resume blogging regularly. Anyone care?


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  1. I care and I usually agree with many of your comments – that’s why we’re friends. I finished “Lavendar Morning” by Jude and really want to read “Days of Gold”. I liked “Lavendar Morning” a lot! It was good writing and I liked the flashback to Edi’s past. I think Jude is back!

  2. YEAH!!! I am SOOOOO glad you are back!! WOOT! WOOT!

    PS- No one ever comments on my blog either, but I keep going. What’s funny is I get Facebook and Twitter comments and emails, but for some reason they don’t just leave a comment????

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