Baby It’s Cold Outside!


We actually got about 6 inches of snow!  Yes, in Nashville TN!  Hubby and I braved the grocery store on Friday and came home and pigged out all weekend. We couldn’t get the car out of the driveway so we gave up and accepted being trapped in the house. I made a HUGE breakfast yesterday morning of biscuits, homefries, sausage AND bacon. Hubby was good and had his usual bowl of blueberries and Grapenuts but did eat two pieces of bacon. The rest was ALL me. It was yummy!

For lunch I had mashed potatoes and turkey gravy. I know I’ve posted before about my love for gravy but my mother’s turkey gravy that I only get once or twice or year (at Thanksgiving and Christmas) is my absolute favorite. This year we made A LOT of gravy so I froze 3 small baggies of it so I could eat it through out the year.  It’s January 31st and I’ve already eaten two of the bags. I thawed one of them yesterday and ate it for lunch, dinner and again for breakfast today. I’m wondering how long I can hold out before I break down and eat the last bag. Bet I don’t make it until March. I only say March because we’re going on vacation next week so I’ll be gone for about 2 weeks in February. I briefly thought about taking the last bag with me on vacation but decided it would thaw while we’re in the car so decided against it. I certainly don’t want to waste it!

I’ve also pigged out on most of a bag of mini Milky Ways, most of a bag of Sour Cream and Onion potato chips, and several Chewy Chips A’Hoy. The dietician certainly wouldn’t be proud.  Guess it’s agood thing I don’t have a dietician!

Tonight we finally did get out of the house and went to dinner and then walked around Target. $70 later (after my $7 in coupons!) we’re back home. I wonder how many hours of HGTV a person can actually watch before they lapse into a coma?


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  1. I wondered about your steep driveway! Glad you were able to get out before and get food! What brand of blueberries does Hubby get. I have been eating the same thing since he got me hooked on it but I can’t find the little small blueberries and the others are almost too big.

    Have fun on vacation!

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