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Have you guys caught that show on MTV? Okay, yes, I’m a little embarrassed that I watch anything on MTV at my age but this show kind of sucked me in. I guess it started with the show 16 and Pregnant which I didn’t know about until it was over and then this show continues their saga. Because, for anyone who’s been there knows, being pregnant is NOT the hard part. It’s still just you taking care of you at that point. The real WORK starts when that little “bundle of joy” starts pooping, and puking and crying and wants to be fed. The nerve!

So, I started watching this show from the beginning. I really feel for the chick from Memphis, Macy, who’s boyfriend Ryan is a total loser and is about as lazy as they come. He can’t even muster up the energy to play with his own son! I hope she grows a brain really fast and leaves him in the dust. She and Bentley (the baby) would really be much better off without him.

The youngest looking couple actually put their baby up for adoption. I really felt for them because their families were really against it. It was a very hard decision for them and they still struggle with missing her. These two look like they’re about 12! On the season finale he proposed to her. It was very sweet but at the same time you can’t help but be concerned because they’re so young. He wants to join the military but she can’t go with him unless they’re married. It will be interesting to see what the world has in store for them.

One couple fights constantly are just nasty to each other. That chick, Amber is whiney and curses and yells in front of her poor daughter who is cute as a button. I just want to smack Amber sometimes and how she acts. Her boyfriend or ex-boyfriend, Gary deserves to be smacked too. He’s better than she is but not by much. He went to Wal-Mart to buy Amber an $18 engagement ring and asked what their return policy was. I understand about living within your means and if that is all you can afford that’s fine but he bought a $300 video game system. Where are this guy’s priorities?

There is one single mom who still lives with her parents and hates it. She got caught up in still being a teenager and wanting to date and stuff but she seems to have shifted her priorities around now. Let’s hope she keeps at it. She seems really smart and is trying to go to culinary school to make something out of herself so I have to give  her props. She and her mother fight a lot which is sad. Her mother is very critical so I understand but it’s still sad. There was a news report a couple weeks ago that her mother hit her and she was arrested for domestic violence. The report said the girl, Farrah, had marks on her face and they charged the mom. Wonder how that will play out on the show?

 I don’t know if it’s because I was in their shoes or what but this show intrigues me. It’s also sucked Hubby into watching too!


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  1. Haven’t watched it – I gave up on MTV for most shows EXCEPT for The Hills and The City. Total goof ball for watching these but they’re a guilty pleasure. I think I’d get too irritatedat the people in the show you’re describing.

  2. I have watched these shows and they are heartbreaking. Macy is actually from Chattanooga. I know this because her “16 & Pregnant” was the first one I saw. I watched it when I caught a glimpse of her high school and realized it was the one I graduated from-ugh! Ryan is a total idiot and does not even understand what he is missing out on.
    I agree that Farrah seems to be getting it together, but she is so worried about having a man in her life. She needs to get real for a long time and work on herself. She needs to get out of her parents house too because her mother is almost as immature as her.
    I think the two that gave up their child did the best thing for their situation, but they will probably end up together, so it seems kind of weird to know they have a child out there already. At least they have an open adoption.

    Amber and Gary- nothing to say, but sad, lazy trash. I feel so bad for their little girl- she is a total doll.

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