PETA Are You Serious??? Groundhog Day?


Last week was Groundhog Day. I think this is the stupidest holiday ever but it’s still kind of cute. Hubby actually said he thinks they have it backward. If the groundhog sees his shadow it means six more weeks of winter. He thinks that it should mean winter is almost over because the sun is shining, thus producing a shadow. I think that perhaps he has over thought the whole thing.

Anyway, I read that PETA wants them to start using an animatronic groundhog instead of the real thing. No seriously; I’m not making this up. How can they really think that Punxsutawney Phil is treated unethically? This has got to be the most spoiled rodent on the planet. He has a den with heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. He “works” about 3 minutes out of the entire year and it’s not really “hard work”. Come on, he waddles outside and takes a look around then waddles back inside. What exactly about that is unethical treatment of a rodent?


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  1. There are situations in which PETA has valid concerns and, I think, raises awareness where it is needed. This, however, is SO not one of them.

  2. Right on sista! I agree that PETA has a place, but sometimes it seems like they are just looking for ways to stay in the spotlight. Whether legitimate or not.

    BTW- I LOVE little Phil and the whole silly holiday. I just think it’s funny that all these adults get together and read from a scroll and hang out with a groundhog. Weird.

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