My fake house


If you know me, you know I’m a compulsive planner. My husband is the exact opposite, which makes for extremely frustrating interesting situations in our household at times. In the years prior to building our house, I compiled a bevy of pictures from home design blogs and magazines – all kinds of inspiration for our new home. You need to be ready with your input at a moment’s notice, right? Right. Seriously, things went so much easier thanks to my planning patooty.

It’s fun to think of what your dream home would be like. I love our house a lot, but it’s still not my numero uno dream home. We’ll never bring home enough bacon to live up to that. But if we did, here’s what it would look like*:

From this, we can glean that: 1) I love things that look old, and 2) I would marry the color blue if I could. What would your fake house look like? Are there any must-have features or design elements in yours?


*By the way, I have no idea where many of these images came from, so I’m sorry they aren’t attributed to anyone in particular.


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  1. LOVE your photos! The blue wall color in the first pic looks a lot like the color we just painted our bathroom. I love the 3rd pic with the old timey couch with all the green pillows. All the cake stands look cool in the 5th pic. When we build our “dream” home, I’ve already said I want a butler’s pantry with a long counter top with plugs and spaces for all my small kitchen appliances – toaster oven, stand mixer, coffee pot, panini press, waffle iron, toaster, microwave, blender, fryer, crock pot, magic bullet, food processor, hand mixer, popcorn popper, electric fryer, etc. That’s 15 different small appliances that will need outlets and those are just the things I already own.

    The paper chinese lanterns hanging over the stairway looks fantastic! What a great idea! The laundry room is making me drool! LOADS of great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

    Also – good to have you back 🙂

  2. I don’t have any clothes nice enough to wear in those rooms they are so beautiful! But I would definitely have to limit my coffee consumption to the kitchen only because that white would be a nightmare for me.

  3. I’d love a butler’s pantry, too. Heck, I’m just happy with ours and its plugs. We keep our microwave in there to save counter space. Sounds like your whole wall would be nothing but plugs, with all the dang appliances you have!

    Ms. Freud, our couch is white, and it is a bit of a hassle, but I love the clean, cozy look of it. We just try not to eat there and keep the animals off it!

  4. Oh man! I don’t think there was one pic here that didn’t make me swoon. I really like that library shot- looks super cozy and all the white furniture with muted earthy shades in several of the shots look so inviting. I do the same thing, as far as having lots of pictures of what I love. Unfortunately, my husband typically thinks my ideas are to far out there and I have to reel things in. I do get some of what I love though. ;o) If you ever build this house you will have to let me come see it. I think it would be Fab-U-Lous!

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