Tuesday Truth #1


I’m making up a new blog tradition called “Tuesday Truth,” where I’m going to share with you something about myself…truthfully.

This week’s contribution: I work on the same floor as a company that does hair transplants for balding men and women. They also have a salon that people visit after the hair has regrown to help them learn to style it. It’s almost ALWAYS very clear who their patients are when I see them in the hall, if not for obvious reasons, for the silver bag of hair products they’re carrying with them. Well, I mentally rate them on a scale of 1 to 10 based on how realistic the results look. I’d say they’ve been consistently scoring a 6.5-7 lately.

What is your Tuesday Truth? Do tell!



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  1. Well, it’s Thursday, but who’s counting? My truth is that I haven’t shaved my legs since October. Ew? Yes, but it’s been a long, cold winter and I’m saving up for ‘Locks of Love’…kidding but I do have a sizeable donation right about now. I’ve been MIA from the internet because our wi-fi airport thingy went bonkers. I hope to be up and running next week, though, and not sneaking around at work. There’s another truth!

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