Asphyxiation By Hot Air?

Kelli and I were chatting about Hot Yoga recently. I LOVE yoga. Afterward it almost feels like you’ve gotten a massage – very relaxing. I sleep so well when I do yoga (not that I don’t sleep well otherwise though). Anyway, I love love love yoga.
But hot yoga? Nah, I’m not loving that one so much. There’s just something about hot air that makes me feel like I’m not getting enough oxygen. Sometimes when we’re in bed, Hubby will lay on his side facing me and he’s breathing out and it’s hitting my face and I can’t stand it. I tell him he has to roll over because his hot breath is hitting me in the face. He thinks I’m weird. I say that’s not relevant.
We’ve been going swimming in the evenings lately. After, Hubby likes to sit in the sauna and dry out. I can only be in there about 30 seconds and I have to leave. It feels like I’m being suffocated with a hot python cloud that’s enveloped me and is squeezing me to death with it’s hotness.

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