I Need a Hat…


It’s no surprise to our normal readers that Kelli and I enjoy photography. Sometimes we enjoy this hobby more than other times. It seems like this hobby waxes and wanes fairly often. There are weeks where all I want to do is shoot and then I’ll go months without picking up my camera for fun.  What’s up with that?

When people find out that you’re a photographer (amateur or not, I have found, doesn’t really matter to these people) you are somehow magically appointed to photograph all events which you attend. This is flattering and annoying at the same time. It’s very flattering that people feel like you take good enough pictures to ask you to make sure you bring your camera. Yet, somehow, annoying as well that you have to attend most events with a camera stuck to your face. In my case, that’s about a 12 pound camera stuck to your face which gets heavy after a while. If I were being totally honest, I will admit that I’ve started, sometimes, accidentally (but really on purpose) “forgetting” my camera. I don’t bring it to EVERY family event as I once did. Sometimes it’s just nice to enjoy the event with your family, you know?

Anyway, back to my hat. Oh, I haven’t actually got to the “hat” part of this post yet, have I? Well, here it goes…

I need a hat.                                    

(was that worth the wait?)

Let me explain further. When I’m shooting, I can’t wear a ball cap. The bill hits the camera and I can’t hold it up to my eyehole to shoot. Shooting without actually looking through the viewfinder is rather difficult I have found. Why is not being able to wear a ball cap an issue? Well, when I go out shooting just for fun, sometimes that “fun” entails having to tromp through the woods and mud and who knows what else to get the shot. This usually causes me to want to shower after I go shooting. Being the lazy bones that I am, this usually means I don’t want to shower before I go shooting since I’m just going to have to take a shower when I get home anyway. I don’t have to be pretty to go shoot so that’s certainly not a factor. HOWEVER, being cursed with fine hair that produces grease by the pound I can’t go out in public without a hat if I haven’t shampooed my hair that day. I have tried taking a shower the night before and that doesn’t work. It gets all jacked up and wonky during the night and the public shouldn’t be exposed to it for fear or causing a riot running and screaming out of the city in which I’ve suddenly appeared in all my hideousness. Therefore, I must do something to cover my hair or shower before I go shooting.

I often wear ball caps because they’re easy and I’m lazy. I don’t own any other sort of hat but I’ve decided that I should try to find one that I can wear shooting. A cute hat that can be worn in the woods without a bill.

Something like this would get in the way of the viewfinder and might look kind of stupid in the woods

Something like this would look fine in the woods but look stupid on me so it’s not a contender.

I guess this one would work but, hhmmm I don’t know.

I’ve thought about something like this but I’ve never worn anything like this so it might look really stupid. Also, I couldn’t really wear this in the summer.

So, there’s my dilemma. I seriously need some help here. Any suggestions?


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