Tuesday Truth #3 – Kelli Costanza


If you know me, you know that I am one of the biggest cheapskates around. When we go out to eat, I force my husband to choose restaurants based on which ones I have coupons for. Get a load of the bulging, George Costanza-esque envelope of coupons I keep in my purse.

Even better than saving a few pennies is getting things for FREE! With that in mind, I’ve recently become addicted to ordering free samples of stuff online. It can be anything from granola bars to shampoo to *ahem* personal lubricant to teeth whiteners to books…it goes on and on. Last week, my first motherlode of free items came in the mail, and I was like a kid at Christmas. This website has served my addiction really well. Am I wrong for getting excited about stuff like free tampons and and tea and toothpaste and magazines?



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  1. I was on this same bandwagon a few years ago, but ended up having to get off when my email locked up from so much spam. I literally had to change my email address because it would take forever to load and then the filters got so confused that I started having trouble emailing people in my contact list and getting messages back from them. It is fun to get the freebies though. You really need a coupon organizer….that’s what this cheapskate has!


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