Favorite New Yummy Thing


These are my new favorite thing. They are pseudo healthy as they’re granola and nuts and don’t have too much sugar which is the issue with most granola bars.  They have 2 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein so they help you feel full. And, most importantly, they are SUPER YUMMY! There are 4 different nutty flavors like Roasted Almond and Cashew and the dietary information changes slightly with each kind. I think I could eat an entire bag every day. They are the perfect thing to keep in your car or your desk drawer or your purse for when you’re on the run and don’t want to hit a drive through window or stop and grab a candy bar or bag of chips. The bags are re-closable which helps too.

Any snacks you try to keep on hand that are just too yummy to pass up?



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  1. I’m pretty boring and just keep a piece of fruit for that afternoon slump. Lately, I’ve been hooked on oranges for some reason! But if you want an idea for something more fun, Fiber One bars are really good. Peanut butter and oat is my favorite.

  2. Okay, first let me say that these do look quite delicious and I think they may become the alternative to my traditional granola bars. (That is what I usually keep on hand for the afternoon snack). Second, let me just pick myself up off the floor after learning this post came from my “meat and starch” buddy!!!! I am SO PROUD of you Jennifer!


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