Tuesday Truth #5 – I’m an idiot


So you say this isn’t a surprise to you? Child, please…

Let me tell you something dumb I did this weekend. And then you tell me something silly or embarrassing you’ve done lately, m’kay? We built our house last year on a lot that was covered in trees. Several had fallen down over the years, so parts of our lot have huge, old trees that need to be cut up and hauled away. One in particular had really taken a beating from termites, so the outside of the trunk was just as soft as could be. I could dig the wood out like dirt, which was strangely addictive. So then I decided to give it some nice front kicks, because the mental image of me kicking into a tree trunk made me feel very powerful. Like a superhero, you might say. Well, it was then that I decided to get fancy and give it a roundhouse kick to the tree’s imaginary groin.

(I can’t kick as high as Mr. Norris, hence the groin.)

Let me tell you, that tree’s groin was way too strong. It seems the termites hadn’t quite worked their way to that particular area. The top of my foot hit that wood and hyperextended my ankle! I couldn’t cry for laughing at how idiotic I probably looked…a 32 year old woman going kung fu on a dead tree! And the tree won!

So, please make me feel better about myself and share something you’ve done that embarrasses you? Please???



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  1. I can’t think about anything stupid I’ve done (other than the potato argument I had via e-mail with my sister today) because I’m laughing at the mental picture I have of you kicking a tree and it kicking your butt back!!!

  2. This is hilarious Kelli! I don’t know how embarrassing this is, but it was pretty stupid. I had my dates off last week and kept thinking we had another weekend in March. I had tickets to a play, Wicked, and completely forgot about it. The Mister was trying to make plans for Sunday (the day of the play) and I kept telling him to go ahead. Thankfully he cornered me one last time at 10:30 pm on Saturday and said he was pretty sure I was going to a play the next day and he needed to stay with the Little Guy. When I realized that I had been mentally preparing for a day of lolling around the house while the Mister went off to golf and almost missed a play that cost well over $100 to see I got a little sick to my stomach. I would have been SOOOOO bummed if I had missed it and peeved for losing the cash (I am a total cheapskate!). What a dummy, huh?
    Oh well, we all have our moments.

  3. Aw. You’re not an idiot! You’re a super hero who needs a little more training. I’m always doing stuff. I’m the girl in Bath and Body who ignores the sample bottles and always gets a snoot full of lotion from smelling the brand new bottles. Why? I don’t know…

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