Easter Potato Addition


My daughter was (thankfully) spared the potato drama yesterday.  Apparently my sister Kelly shared the string of e-mails with her.  Thought I’d share her thoughts …

From: Bridgette 
To: Kelly; mom; chelle; Grama
Sent: Wed, March 31, 2010 11:14:15 PM
Subject: Re:Easter dinner menu

May I just say, I want Bob Evans Mashed Potatoes that you warm up in the

microwave- I know for fact that this is what Jesus ate the day he left on his

trip cause he was hungry and in a hurry so he needed something that would

be ready in 5 minutes and tastes excellent. He didn’t have time to slave over

a stove or oven!!



I guess being a complete potato weirdo runs in the family!


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