Homemade shower spray


Did you know that April is Earth Month? Well, it is…and this makes it the perfect time to look for ways to live a “greener” life. What I’m about to tell you will help you live greener in both the environmental and financial sense.

How do you feel about shower sprays? You know, what you spray after each shower to keep it from getting dirty so quickly? I swear by them but hate: 1) shelling out what I think are exorbitant prices for it, and 2) the fact that I have to spray it while I’m standing in the shower to get all the surfaces coated–and thus feeling like I’ll pass out from the fumes.

Here’s a solution. I’ve been making my own shower spray for a while now. It’s so much cheaper, and the only smell I’m left with is alcohol. You can add essential oils if you’d like, but I’m too cheap to buy them, and to me, the smell of alcohol=sanitary environments. It takes as much time to make up a batch as it does for you to walk through the store, get your spray, and check out.

So without further ado, here’s the recipe. Let me know if you try it! And while you’re at it, do you have any other ideas for being more “green?”

Daily Shower Spray:
16 oz. size spray bottle
1/2 cup alcohol
1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide
6 drops blue Dawn dish soap (or any other brand)
cap full of jet dry (or any other dishwasher rinsing agent)
about 5 drops of essential oil of your choice
–Fill the rest of the bottle up with water and voila! Your own homemade shower spray!


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  1. Girl, you know I’m a dirty hippie! We make laundry detergent (SOOoo much cheaper), all-purpose cleaner, we made deodorant last summer BUT I’m too much of woman for the homemade stuff (i.e., I stink). We also don’t use any paper products (no paper towels, napkins, plates), and, of course, we do the grocery bag thing. I’ll share my other ideas over email! I can’t wait to try the showe spray!

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