We have to do WHAT to feed the dogs?


We have an old Golden Retriever (11.5 years) and an 8-year-old Chihuahua who has always been a finicky eater. The Golden, Amber, has always eaten dry kibble. In the last 2 months she’s lost about 10 lbs. She’s been through a lot in that time but we’ve grown concerned about her eating. The little one, Tater, has never eaten dry kibble. Actually, for a long time he ate dry cat food but the vet said this really wasn’t good so we’ve tried to stop. Oh, the things we do for our pets…

Our neighbors told us canned Jack Mackerel is good for older dogs. It helps their joints just like fish oil helps people. About 6 weeks ago we started adding this INCREDIBLY STINKY stuff to the kibble. Both dogs ATE IT UP. A couple weeks later they sort of got over it. Then we started buying special intestinal dog food from the vet for $2.50 a can. We added that to the kibble and the stinky fish.  They really liked that – for about a week.  Then we read that heating the dog’s food may help so we did that and it worked – for a couple days. The little dog is fine – just picky but the big one has lost weight so I’ve been really troubled by this.

 The vet suggested we add canned pumpkin to their food. It has lots of fiber and the dogs really like it. Only problem is the pumpkin crop this year was really crummy and nobody has it.  Today I did a bunch of research on the web and talked to our vet.  You won’t believe what all they say is good for dogs:

baby food – meat varieties with no added garbage – chunky style

Carl Budding lunch meat (because it’s so bland)

green beans


boiled chicken

boiled hamburger

chicken broth

eggs – raw with shell, hard-boiled or scrambled

cottage cheese


maple syrup

peanut butter


hot dogs

bacon grease

Careful though – talk to your vet before starting your dog on some of these – like the meats or bacon grease.

So, I went out and bought: 4 jars of baby food (all meats with veggies), a carton of eggs, Carl Budding lunch meat, and cottage cheese. All of this we can add to their kibble and canned food. Tonight I measured out each of them dry kibble, canned prescription dog food, scrambled 2 eggs and spooned some chicken broth that we had cooked green beans in over all that. They both at it up. For breakfast I think we’ll try the cottage cheese – somehow it seems fitting. I think the trick is going to be to keep changing up the “extras” that we add to the dry kibble and canned food to keep them interested.  I still can’t believe we are doing all this – we’re total SUCKERS!



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  1. I checked out your link – that food has pumpkin in it too. Who knew dogs liked pumpkin so much. Can you buy it locally or do you order it from the web?

    Some people are WAY weirder than we are. My next-door-neighbor feeds her 4 big dogs a RAW FOOD diet. She gets tripe, deer organs, chicken parts and all other disgusting things from local butchers and meat processing centers and feeds that to her dogs. She had a Golden Retriever who had terrible skin problems and hot spots so she started doing this and says it’s improved their health noticably. She says it’s absolutely disgusting though. If it came to that, Hubby would have to take over all feeding – I think I’d hurl.

    • My boss feeds their dog raw food, I think. It would be a real hassle for the owner, for sure, but if your dog is uncomfortable, you’ll do a lot more than you think you would to help them. Especially if it will cut down on vet bills. I can see how it would be gross and stinky, though!

      The people deliver Nature’s Select to your home for free. You can’t buy it in a store, as far as I know, but why would you, if you can have someone deliver it to your door for free? We were feeding Rigby Nutro Lite, and this food is actually cheaper when you look at it per pound. Plus you’re saving gas not driving to and from the pet store.

  2. This is cracking me up. We feed our dog regular old Purina/Beneful and she hasn’t ever turned her nose up at it. However, with her growing arthritis pain we have resorted to all kinds of meds, including Xanex for her fear of storms. That was a TON of fun to pick up from the pharmacy.

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