How Do Shoes Get In the Middle of the Road???


This has always perplexed me. I was turning out of my office one day last week and noticed one shoe laying in the median. It got me to wondering – how did it get there. If it were two shoes perhaps someone put them on the roof of the car, (intending to put them on once they got in the car perhaps?),  and then drove off and forgot they were there and they fell off. But this was one solitary lonely shoe.

Do people ride with one leg out the car window and the wind resistance rips the shoe right off? I doubt this is it as the shoes are often boots or tennis shoes and how seriously slack would your laces have to be tied for the wind resistance to rip them off?

I can think of no other way one tennis shoe would wind up in the middle of a busy road. Any ideas?


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  1. What’s perplexing to me is that you see adult shoes and kiddie shoes. I can maybe see a little child pulling his or her shoe off and throwing it out an open window. But why would ONE adult shoe be in the road? I imagine a couple arguing and the husband throwing his shoe out the window just to show his wife how mad he is.

  2. I can’t see MY Hubby throwing his shoe out the window but I guess some guys would. They would have to be really MAD to bend down, untie the shoe and hurl it out the window though.

  3. HA! I’m so glad you wonder the same thing. It is a mystery isn’t it. The roof top theory is a good one. My brother and I started getting intrigued with this lone shoe business and started looking for them. I came up with a few theories myself and would love to hear more from yourself and others. I started a website about it and would love to post more theories.

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