Irish Butter!


During the week of St. Patrick’s Day, our local supermarket (Publix) carried Kerrygold Irish butter in their front display case. For some reason – this enticed Hubby to no end. We already had 2 boxes of rather expensive organic butter so we didn’t need any butter. Hubby didn’t care. We decide to grill steaks that weekend so he went to the store to get two big baking potatoes and spent like $6 on a tub of Irish butter to satisfy his curiosity. He was convinced it was going to be the most delicious thing he’d ever tasted. He thought it would mentally transport him to our favorite Irish restaurant at the beach (McGuire’s Irish Pub – the one with over a million dollar bills hanging from the ceiling).  That night, he was outside grilling and I was preparing everything else and grabbed the butter. I was about to open it and noticed that the expiration date was 3 days ago. Hubby was CRUSHED when he came upstairs and I told him the $6 tub of fancy butter he bought was expired. I took it back to the store the next day and got our money back.

Ever since then, Hubby has wanted to try it but, again, we had 2 boxes of organic butter that we already owned and it takes a while for 2 people to use up two boxes of butter. With the help of Easter we finally finished it all and we needed butter when we went to the grocery yesterday. We got to the dairy section and Hubby excitedly asked, “Do we need butter”. I said yes and he anxiously reached for the Kerrygold Irish butter. We got the equivalent of 2 sticks of salted butter for about $5. It was going to be worth it Hubby explained!

We got home and Hubby went outside to grill steaks again. I made baked potatoes and we sat down to dinner with our plate of butter and I slathered my potato. I told Hubby I truly hoped he could actually tell the difference between our normal butter and this stuff and that he wasn’t going to be disappointed.  Now, for the verdict!  Drumroll please…


Truly delicious and you certainly COULD tell the difference. I was a little more twangy almost like it had a little sour cream mixed in and it was creamier. The web describes it like this…

Irish butter, as well as Danish and several other European style butters- have a higher butterfat content than American butters. They are creamier, have a smoother mouth feel, and sometimes even a slightly cheesy character to their taste.
The butters are made from milk from different breeds of cow that are fed in different climates eating different fodder- all factors that influence the final product. American butter, by contrast is waxier, blander, and especially when salted, saltier.

I concur with their sentiments. It really was delish. Several hours after dinner Hubby decided to make popcorn. He melted some of the butter and poured it over the corn and I swear it was the best popcorn I ever ate.

Have you ever tried Irish butter? Thoughts?


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  1. I LOVE Irish butter. It really does have a creamier, stronger flavor than regular butter. You may pay more, but you can definitely tell the difference. So good. This coming from a girl who, according to my mom, ate butter from the stick as a child.

  2. I have not tried the Irish butter, but I was tempted last month when Fresh Market had it planted right inside the door. I am such a sucker for good displays and marketing. I have tried the Danish butter that you can sometimes find in the Kroger deli cheese section. Not the one where they slice for you, but the little oval cooler that usually sits right across from that area. I started using it when I had to go off dairy because sometimes you can find a goat’s milk version. Both the cow and goat version are superb! I also gave in to the cow’s milk version from time to time because I figured if I was going to cheat it might as well be totally worth it!

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