Hobo Dinners


Tonight we made “Hobo Dinners” for supper. Hubby’s mom used to make them for him as a child. I made them A LOT during the years I was a Girl Scout Troop Leader. We made them every time we went camping. If you’ve never heard of them – they are delicious and particularly fun for kids. And, surprisingly, they are really healthy:

You can use just about any meat you want – hamburger, fish filet, chicken breast, sausage or a pork chop. Place the meat on a large piece of tin foil. On top you can place whatever veggies you want. This works best with frozen veggies or hard veggies like potatoes and carrots. Tonight we used chicken breasts. I cut up one large potato into cubes and split it between both of the dinners. I added frozen corn to mine. Hubby had frozen carrot slices and frozen peas. The part that makes this fun for kids is because they can pick whatever toppings they like. I sprinkled with minced onion, lemon & pepper seasoning and seasoned salt. You pile all of it on top of the meat and top it off with 1 pat of butter. Make sure you seal all the edges very carefully and securely to keep the butter from oozing out. You can bake them in the oven or place them directly on hot charcoals on a grill. We used to make them on an open fire while camping.  

 Okay, this isn’t a picture of the dinner I made but it was very similar. How do you make hobo dinners?


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  1. I saw your FB post about hobo dinners and had no idea what they were. It looks so easy and yummy! We are going to have to try it out sometime. Thanks!

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