Tuesday Truth #8 – Oww, my neck!


The post title reminded me of that old rap song that went, “My neck…my back…” and I won’t finish the rest.  This isn’t going to be that kind of post.

When I talk about a sore neck, I’m referring to the fact that my Locks of Love goal has finally been reached, but the weight of my hair is making my neck sore! This will probably be the last time in my life that I have long hair. I’m 32 years old and hope to have kids soon. Is long hair very practical when you’re rounding up a bunch of munchkins? Doesn’t seem like it. And then after a certain age, longer hair doesn’t look right on some women. One exception is the beautiful Emmylou Harris:

With my luck, my hair color will turn out to be some ugly, mottled mix of brown and gray. I think you have to have a uniform gray color and few facial wrinkles to pull off longer hair at an older age.

Even though it’s a pain in the neck (har har), I’m going to keep growing my hair so there will be enough length for a decent new short hairstyle. My hair is thick and has some natural wave, so here’s what I’m thinking of:

This is Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland. What do you think? Do you think it would require too much work?

Are there any other cute short hairstyles you like? Please share!



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  1. I didn’t know you were going to do Locks of Love! Aren’t you a sweetie pie! Did I tell you Bibit’s boyfriend did Locks of Love? GOD it looks bettter!

    Jennifer Nettles has natural beauty. I heard her say she does her own hair and make-up most times so I don’t think her style would be too much work for you. I think she said she lets it dry naturally and that’s what gives it the wavy look.

    I think it would look WAY cute and you should go for it!

  2. Good for you and Locks of Love! I think that Jennifer Nettles hair style would look great on you. Also, I think that the short hair when older thing tends to make some women look even older than they are so don’t knock the long locks after 50 (or whatever age). One more thing….being able to pull your hair back in a pony tail when you don’t have time to fix it, or even shower for that matter, is a bonus after you have kids. Just sayin’.

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