What’s New With Me?


Here’s what been going on in my life:

* Each afternoon when I get home from work, we take the two dogs and go into the backyard for what Hubby and I have started calling “outdoors time”. Sort of like they get in prison. We have two beach chairs that we drag out and we sit in the grass for an hour to two hours while we make the dogs “play” outside. Okay, really “playing” isn’t an accurate depiction of what’s really happening. The old dog usually walks down into the yard, poops, then trots back to us. Then she lay between our two chairs and sleeps until we let her go back in the house. The little dog does what we’ve started calling “patrolling the perimeter”. He basically walks the fence line looking for unsuspecting birds or squirrels whom he can then chase.  He’s pretty fast. Although sometimes he’s concentrating so hard on his patrolling that he’ll miss some birds and squirrels. Oh well.

* We think the days are growing short for our old dog. We lost the other one a couple months ago and we fear she isn’t too far behind. She’s doing pretty well – just sleeping A LOT. We don’t think she’s in any pain – praise God for that. We’re just doing everything we can to make her feel pampered and happy.

* I made the most delicious pork chop recipe for dinner last night! You take Ritz crackers and smash them up to make crumbs. Mix that with some garlic salt and pepper. Dip your pork chops into a beaten egg to coat, and cover with bread crumbs. Place into a baking dish. Place small pieces of butter (we used about 2 tbsp total) not on but all around the chops. Cover with foil and bake in 400F oven for 15 – 20 minutes. Remove foil and flip chops over. Leave foil off and bake another 15 – 20 minutes or until cooked through (about 160F internal temperature). They taste like they’ve been fried in butter. It’s delicious and tastes WAY more fattening than it is.

* I spent about 2 hours scrubbing my car inside and out on Sunday afternoon. I even vacuumed the trunk! All the carpets and stuff got vacuumed.  I treated the leather, Armor-All’d the dash, Windexed the windows and then washed the outside and even put “Tire Wet” on my tires. Yesterday afternoon I noticed it’s already starting to get dirty again. The pollen was attacking the outside and I’m starting to get a little debris on the dash already. I take my dog with me to work each day so she has to ride in the car. This means there’s not much I can’t do about the debris but it’s still annoying after all that work!

*We’ve gotten into a habit of cleaning the house on Sunday. It’s really nice to have the house nice and clean to start the week. Hubby washes all the linens, I clean the kitchen, he vacuums and I mop and we each do a bathroom. It actually takes less than an hour total and it’s lovely.

*We also worked in the yard this past Sunday. Our backyard currently looks better than it has since we’ve lived there. And that’s been 40 years for Hubby!

* We had a VERY busy day on Sunday and accomplished a lot but it was still a very good day.

* I’m currently feeding the dogs boiled chicken thighs mixed with their kibble and canned food . I’m giving them the skin and everything but removing the thigh bone. Boiling chicken thighs makes my house smell like butt. I almost vomit every time I give it to them but they think it’s wonderful. Jeez – what I do for those dogs!

 * I don’t know how people make those “ear buds” that come with i-pods stay in their ears.

That is all for now 🙂



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