I got the spring cleaning blues


Have you done your spring cleaning yet? Do you ever? In all my adult years, I’ve never done honest-to-goodness spring cleaning from start to finish, and I always envy those who do seem to get ‘er done. It must feel like quite an accomplishment!

Maybe wearing a dress and heels would help

A few weeks ago, I came across this ebook on Simple Mom, a website that falls under the Simple Living umbrella, partnering with other sites such as Kids, Bites, HomeSchool and Organic. The e-book cost $7, but I think it will really help me get a handle on spring cleaning. The main thing I liked about it was that it breaks down the cleaning process over 10 days with instructions and checklists for each day. It also includes recipes for homemade cleaners, and you know how much a fan of those I am.

I even bought a really cute binder to house the printed version in the hopes it’ll inspire me to actually get it out and get started. Who knows if it will actually work, but I’ll report back later. The good thing about “spring” cleaning is that it can be done any time of the year. Wish me luck!


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