Tuesday Truth #9 – Ridiculous commercials


This week’s truth revolves around the silly Cialis commercials. Have you seen them? They’re the ones that have the couple lounging in bath tubs in random, inappropriate-for-a-bathtub places. Can you please explain this to me, because I can’t make the connection between erectile dysfunction and bathtubs.

But you know which of their commercials really burns me up? The one where the woman is in the middle of painting when he comes in all ready to go.

What husband in his right mind would expect his wife to stop while she’s in the middle of painting a room to get busy with him?! This is just so unrealistic. Obviously a man came up with this commercial.

Am I a miserable ogre of a wife for thinking this, or do you agree with me?



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  1. Ha! If her husband is taking Cialis then she might be glad he’s got the ol’ twinkle in his eye at all, you know? Of course, my OCD is saying, “NO!!! At least wait until the first coat is on!” But, then again, I might need some Cialis. The real lack of reality is that they’re both in white and don’t have a single speck of paint on them. And, girl…didn’t you get the memo? Bathtubs are the new french maid costume. You know, they’re SEXY…:)

  2. Oh my gosh! I am totally cracking up….because the first time I saw this commercial I turned to my husband and said, “don’t they know you can’t stop painting in the middle like that? You have to have a wet edge so that there won’t be streaks!”. I am SO romantic, right? BTW- Suzie Que- you are equally as funny!

  3. Exactly! You can’t just let random areas of the room dry and start back up later! Glad to know I’m not the only one who thought this. 🙂

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