Tuesday Truth #14 – I’m turning into my mother


This weekend we ate a big, unhealthy (but oh, so delicious!) dinner at a country buffet in Columbia. They had a huge selection of different foods. I really tried to get as many veggies as possible to try to keep it healthy…if you consider candied yams, macaroni and cheese, and turnip greens with pieces of pork in it healthy.

They also kept bringing out huge trays of buttery rolls, but every time I walked up to get one, the tray was empty. I even saw a woman walking to her table with THREE on her plate. When I finally got my paws on one, it was like doughy, buttery heaven! They virtually melted in my mouth, having just come out of the oven. So delicious!

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with my mom, aren’t you? As I was considering wrapping up a few rolls in a napkin and sticking them in my purse to take home, I got a flashback of my mom doing the SAME thing with Ryan’s Steakhouse yeast rolls. The only difference is that she would come prepared with an empty purse. Yes, an empty purse. This is the same mom who, when we were going to see a movie, would pop popcorn at home and bring our own drinks into the theater. Problem is, she’d bring canned coke, which makes a pretty distinctive “fsst” sound when you open them. It’s a miracle we never got caught. And, yes, I have brought my own food to the theater on more than one occasion.

I’ve noticed several other similarities…too many to list here, really! As I get older, it’s pretty funny how more and more of these similarities reveal themselves. Have you experienced the same thing? I think my mom is awesome, so it really doesn’t bother me. Now, ask my husband, and you may get a different story!



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  1. My friend and I once snuck McDonald’s take out into the movie. We thought we were sooooo rebellious but the sad part is that was the most rebellious thing we had ever done which means we totally weren’t rebellious at all 🙂

    I definitely have some similar traits with my mom. Probably too many to name here…

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