Fried Chicken, a Craft Project and Wipeout!


What a hodgepodge of stuff, huh?

Last night I tried a new fried chicken recipe that I found in the latest issue of Family Circle. You use buttermilk and paprika, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, eggs, pepper and a few other things. I have an electric skillet so it made getting the peanut oil to the perfect temperature easy. It was SO YUMMY! We always use skinless chicken so I was a little concerned but it really turned out good. Hubby baked some skinless drumsticks in the oven instead of eating my yummy fried chicken with me. He tried a bite and said he’d definitely rather eat mine but he’s watching his figure 🙂

I like this website called Craftzine. You can check it out here Last month, they had the neatest little project on how to do a very cool cover for an otherwise ugly and/or dull address book, planner or calendar. This is one for a notepad:

Very cool, huh? I have gone to the Goodwill Store about 4 times trying to find the perfect old book to use to create one of these masterpieces but have come out empty-handed each time 😦 Anyone have any other ideas where I could find some cool old books to rip-apart for a craft project? I’ve thought about yard sales but didn’t think I’d find what I was looking for. Here are the instructions if any of you are tempted to create one:

Well, the new season of Wipeout! had a special sneak preview last night. If you’re a long-time reader, you know I’ve talked about this show before. You can read those posts:


 Last night’s episode was a 2-hour “blind date” special where people were paired up into teams and had to run the course together. They have new obstacles for this year and they’re pretty good. If you need something to lighten your mood, I can’t imagine how watching this show wouldn’t do it. As soon as Hubby realized what was on – he left the room and stayed away the entire time I watched it.

That is all.



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  1. I love the Reader’s Digest Condensed books. They’re usually in really fun colors, and you can find them at Goodwill easily (the one in Berry Hill has a great selection). Plus, they’re small enough to carry in your purse, even. Neat idea!

  2. Good idea about the Reader’s Digest books Kelli – except that the new ones are PAPERBACK!!! What a travesty!

  3. Hey, you need to go to the thrift store in the Donelson Plaza behind where the old Two Rivers Ford used to sit. They have a pretty good book section up front. I have found lots of old, neat books there. I have also found some good ones at the Goodwill just up the street in the Food Lion shopping center. Good luck! I am planning to make one of these as soon as my current notebook runs out of pages. Unfortunately, it’s not refillable. But, the new version will be! WOOT!

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