I Hate that I Love People and Perez


I think the paparazzi are horrible terrible people who need to get a life. It’s one thing to want to make a living by exposing the truth about someone (like so-and-so is a drunk driver) or taking photos of famous people, but it’s certainly another thing to torment those people. They have gotten so intrusive and aggressive and have no boundaries. I feel badly for people who are hounded by them when they’re trying to do normal things. Why is a picture of Jennifer Garner pushing her daughter in a swing news? On the other side though, when Lady Ga Ga goes walking around London practically naked carrying a tea-cup and saucer – she’s practically shouting “come take my picture and look at me!!!” So I don’t feel badly for her.

That said, I’m hanging my head and am terribly embarrassed to admit… I LOVE People magazine and PerezHilton.com. I hate this about myself.  I have no excuses and I know I’m helping these terrible people sell pictures and I really don’t want to but I just can’t help myself. Yes, I’m a terrible person.


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