Never Do Dishes Again? Heck Yeah!


This morning Hubby was standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes. I came up and he asked me to scratch his back so I did. He ooohhed and aaahhhed and said, “I will do the dishes from now on if you’ll scratch my back the whole time I do it”. I think I’m going to take this deal! We already have a deal where I put away all the groceries if he does the litter box. We both think we got the better end of this bargain!


Funny aside – also this morning I was talking to Hubby and mentioned Aspergers (the autism spectrum disorder). Hubby starts to giggle like a little kid and says, “You said ass! I’m sorry, I’m very immature and I couldn’t let it slide”.  Then as he’s walking down the stairs he yells out, “Hey! I think I have Aspergers! I look like I have burgers on my ass!” I heart him.


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