Eating & Fathers’ Day


I read something today that Fathers’ Day was intended to be written as plural possessive (which means the word father was intended to be plural and it was their day) so it should be written as “Fathers’ Day”. Who knew? Totally makes sense though. Therefore, I have decided I will forevermore write it as Fathers’ Day and fully expect that people will think I’m misspelling it.

And, by the way, I want to say here and now that I don’t know why the word misspell is so dang hard to spell. You would think that would be an easy one since it inherently means you can’t spell but some big meanie decided to make it hard just to punish people who can’t spell even further. I’m actually a rather good speller. I find that if you read a lot it greatly improves your spelling ability. However, I am a terrible typist so there are often many misspelled (ggrrr) words in my posts but it doesn’t mean I don’t know better – it’s that my fingers are rebels and refuse to be tamed (which is in no way a Miley Cyrus reference because that girl needs to have her head examined and her parents need their butts kicked but I digress).

Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, Fathers’ Day. My father lives far away. I don’t get to see him often and I miss him terribly. I spoke to him on the phone yesterday and it makes me miss him more. I think I’ll call him on the phone again next weekend just to chat.  🙂

Yesterday I spent most of my day preparing to have people over for dinner. This has really become my tradition for most holidays. Why is that? My daughter came over and helped cook everything and even washed all the gross pots (this is usually Hubby’s job but she did it for him since it was Fathers’ Day – ain’t she sweet???). It was nice to spend several hours with her. When she went off to college two years ago she really WENT. We see her about twice a month during the summer and even less while she’s in school. Funny thing is, she calls me almost every day. She’s still my little sweetie.

So, my daughter made a strawberry cake from scratch which Hubby said was THE best strawberry cake he’d ever had. I was impressed considering I had made him a scratch strawberries & cream cake a couple years ago and I have apparently been usurped by the kiddo. Okay, I’ll pass that baton since I really don’t bake and she can make all the cakes from now on . That will show her!

The rest of the menu was meatloaf (which I really don’t like but is Hubby’s most favoritest so I made it), mashed potatoes with loads of Irish butter to make them extra super yummy, green beans with bacon & onions & chicken broth, fresh sweet corn-on-the-cob and parkerhouse style rolls. The guests were me, Hubby, daughter, daughter’s boyfriend, daughter’s boyfriend’s dad, Hubby’s sister and nephew. Weird crowd, huh? It was actually a lovely evening and the kitchen was cleaned, the dishwasher whirring and the pots were washed and everything put away before everyone left so it was REALLLLLY nice for me.

Oh, I have recently discovered just how much I love eating dinner outside. That is, as long as it doesn’t feel like you’re eating on the surface of the sun which it has felt like around here lately. However, several weeks ago we ate dinner outside at two different restaurants and it was truly lovely. Watching the people go by, feeling the breeze and having gentle conversation. It was very enjoyable and made me decide if I ever open a restaurant (which I have no hopes or dreams or delusions of ever doing so it’s really not relevant), my imaginary place would have an outdoor dining room. Perhaps something like this:

How can you not have a nice dinner in a setting like this?



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  1. Glad to hear you all had a good Fathers’ Day and I wish I could have eaten that cake! Loves me some strawberry cake!

    Plus, that place looks pretty marvelous for eating in the elements.

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