Tuesday Truth #17 – My eyes are irresistible


Well, they’re irresistible to my cats.  And I have no idea why.  Let me explain.

Our now deceased orange tabby, George, was such a sweet cat.  My husband gave him to me when he proposed.  I’d wanted a cat for SO long, and he surprised me with this sweet little kitten, and my engagement ring along with him.  When George would wake up in the morning, he’d jump on the bed, crawl up to my head, and start trying to nurse on my eyebrow!  It was the weirdest feeling, and while it was cute at first, it quickly grew annoying at 5:00 in the morning.

So our next cat, Kibby (my husband named both cats, by the way), also tries to wake me up some mornings.  His preferred method is to lick my closed eyelid.  Imagine a scratchy kitty tongue on the soft, tender flesh of the eyelid. Believe me, it’ll sure wake you up!  Kibby’s effective, if nothing else.

So that’s this week’s Truth.  Isn’t it strange that both cats are attracted to my orbital region?  I’m sure your pets do weird things like mine.  I hope so, anyway!  Please share!



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  1. My dog would always want to lick my legs when I got out of the shower and had just finished up putting lotion on them. She didn’t lick them a lot, but always tried to get one or two quick ones in before I made her leave.

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