Fritos & Dip


Have you ever tried that dip that you mix fresh at home? We like to use this:

You get it in the condiment isle of the grocery. It’s usually on the top shelf above the dressings. All you have to do is mix it with 16 oz. of fresh sour cream. I use the light sour cream because you can’t taste the difference at all once you add the dip mix. It is so yummy! We like to eat it with fritos. I had some of this for lunch. It was yummy at the time. However, I have since discovered…

Apparently, Fritos make me blech – ewwww.



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  1. Eww, the thought of dipping fritos in ranch dip grosses me out for some reason! Sorry. I guess because fritos give me indigestion, anyway, and it seems to rich for my stomach to dip it in ranch dip. I guess it was if you’re feeling blech! Now, give me a cheesy bean dip and fritos, or chili, and that sounds better.

  2. First of all, bean dip is a real food substance if you make it yourself. I know you have your own food pyramid that you live by Jennifer, but beans are real to the rest of us. ;o)
    When I worked at BOA I lived off of PB& J sandwiches, Fritos and Dr. Pepper. I still love that combo when I am in a hurry or just nostalgic for one of the worst job experiences I have ever endured.

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