Hubby has agreed to wear a…


Hubby and I were sitting on the couch one evening this week and I was reading this fan blog  of my favorite author, Jude Deveraux. A lady made a post that they were planning to go to a Renaissance Fair the coming weekend and she was trying to talk her husband into wearing a kilt for the festivities. This got me to thinking if my Hubby would wear a kilt if we were going to an event where it wouldn’t look stupid. So I say to my beloved, “Honey, if we were going to a Scottish fair, would you wear a kilt”.  He said no, he’d wear khaki shorts.

Let me take this opportunity to let any man who just happens to be reading this blog, women dig kilts. I mean we really like them. If you have good legs, put your butt in a kilt and somehow they become great legs. I don’t know what it is because a man in a skirt is nothing a woman really wants to see:

But, a man in a kilt? 

We likey.

For those of you that don’t know my Hubby, he wears khaki shorts every single day. And I mean every day. Yes, including Christmas. If we go to church or a funeral or some other place wear the shorts were inappropriate then he would dress accordingly but as soon as he could – he would change into those shorts. Wait, where was I? Oh yeah…

Hubby says, “No, I’d wear khaki shorts.” Not surprised, I didn’t respond. Then, a few seconds later Hubby sits up and exclaims, “Wait! I’ll compromise… I’d wear a SKORT!”

Ah… true love 🙂


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