Don’t Invite Visitors…


I was sitting on the couch last night enjoying an episode of Wipeout because lets just be honest, people falling down never gets old, when  Hubby walks into the room and gives me this “look”. He proceeds to say to me:

“You left the porch light on. A burning porch light is inviting. It says to people “Hey come on over”. We don’t want people to come over so please make sure you turn it off.”

The funny thing about this whole scene is that Hubby is Mr. Neighborly. He’s always stopping in the lawn to chat with a neighbor. Always looking out the window to see what the neighbors are doing. He’ll disappear on a Saturday afternoon and I’ll find he has gone to the neighbor’s house for a beer. This is the man who doesn’t want our house to look inviting. What have we come to?


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  1. That’s pretty funny since he is such a social butterfly. We always leave a light on at night. It drives people crazy I am sure since it usually ends up on all the time, but I would rather our yard be lit up at night so no one sneaks around. Paranoid, I know.

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