Tuesday Truth #19- I can’t sing the Happy Birthday song :(


Finally – it’s out in the open. **sigh**

This may not seem like such a big deal but just sit a moment and think about how many times a year you are forced to sing that little diddy. For me? Probably about a dozen. It’s a wretched little song in the wrong key for me to be able to sing it. I either have to sing it very high (ala Michael Scott from The Office – oh joy) or very low (ala I’m trying to impersonate a man). Usually, I just sing it loud and obnoxiously bad so people think I’m just being silly but it’s only to save myself the embarrassment that I just can’t sing it. How pathetic am I really?



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  1. It IS a doozie! But I don’t know anyone who really masters it. It’s too short so if you add your own creative spin to it, well, you sound like an arse. I imagine Fergie singing it and adding something like, “People in the place…if ya wanna get dooooown…” to the beginning of it. See, that’s no better! 🙂

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