Tuesday Truth #20 – Dancing Machine


As a teenager, I loved to dance. The Roger Rabbit and Running Man were my specialties. This was during the days of the show, In Living Color, and their Fly Girls dancers. I’d try to learn their dances (somewhat unsuccessfully). There are also some home videos at my parents’ house taped by me of me dancing. I had to practice my moves, you know? Maybe one day I’ll find the videos and put them on here for your viewing pleasure. Did you do anything funny like this as a teenager?



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  1. Ha ha! And why weren’t you on dance team? You know Liza J. and I were ALWAYS making up dance routines. I remember specifically making one up to a song by…Timmy T! I’ll steal your idea and post one of my teenage moments on the ol’ bloggeroo.

    • I always wanted to be on the dance team but am not sure why I didn’t try out or anything! Did band conflict with it? I just don’t remember, but I know I would’ve been a valuable asset! Ha!

  2. I want to see those videos!!! That would make my day!!

    My sisters and I competed in our elementary school talent show every year we attended. The most memorable was the year we did a dance routine to the song “Oh Mickey” by Toni Basil. That song was on a couple days ago and I told Hubby my talent contest story. He never knew that before. Not one of my proudest moments.

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