My Closet


This weekend I straightened my closet. I don’t say “cleaned out” because I removed nothing. It actually got me to wondering about other people’s closets. I’m really particular about mine and wondered if this paranoia was shared by most or none of the people who read this blog.

My closet has one long rod and two shelves above it.  I guess I should take this opportunity to explain that I hang all my clothes. No, I mean ALL my clothes. The only thing not hung are my undies, socks, blue jeans and lounge wear. All my t-shirts, shorts, sweaters, etc. get hung up and put away properly. I don’t have a dresser in which I keep my clothes. I have an armoir with two drawers where I keep my unmentionables (mentioned above). The rest are hung or folded nicely on the two shelves in my closet.

All the clothes on my rod hang facing the proper direction. The pants face toward the right and hang on the far left of the closet. The shirts all hang in the middle and to the right of the closet and they all face left. I have my clothes hung by type. Starting on the far left I have skirts, then slacks (funeral and wedding clothes as those are the only time I wear anything from this part of my closet), then shorts and finally capris. Next to these are long-sleeved fancy shirts (which never get worn), then sweatshirts, long-sleeved t-shirts followed by t-shirts and then long-john type shirts (sometimes I sleep in these as I hug a pillow and keep my arms out from under the covers and then my arms get cold so this prevents that. Some of you may be wondering why I don’t hug my Hubby but it’s too hot in the summer to do that. Also, the pillow doesn’t breath his hot breath in my face either – we’ve talked about that before – wow this was a really long paranthetic statement, huh? Also, I think that’s the first time in my life I have used the word “paranthetic”. Is it an actual word?). After those I have my short-sleeve button-front shirts followed by my more casual pull-over-your-head shirts. Behind them are my sweaters and cardigans and fancy shirts (which also never get worn unless someone has married or died).

I prefer all my hangers to be the white plastic tubular kind. There are 3 or 4 colored tubular hangers in there and I almost changed them out yesterday because they bug me that they don’t match but then I was thinking that was a little OCD of me and it was probably good for my psyche to leave them.

It was mostly the main shelf that got my attention this weekend. I have organized and neatly folded my piles. From left to right they are: night-shirts (I hesitate to call them gowns since they’re short, cotton, short-sleeved things) then pajama/lounge pants, then denim capris, then blue jeans, then gym shorts then a pile of wife-beater shirts. I also have a small pile of mesh bags in which I wash my bras which I know you aren’t supposed to do but I’m WAY too lazy to hand wash them and I figure if I throw them in the bag and wash them on gentle and hang them up to dry it’s pretty much the same thing, right? Right? RIGHT?

Anywho – are you as particular with your closet? Oh, and for those who were wondering – Hubby uses the closet in the spare room 🙂


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  1. My closet is in perfect condition as well. To be honest I believe I take it a step further, everything is in color order within its own section (fancy shirt, tee shirt, tank top, etc) I also hang everything except for bras, socks, panties, and shorts. All my pants hang the same direction and all my shirts hang where the hanger makes a “q” shape, a little trick I picked up in retail, but also helps keep things uniform since I have a walk in and have a rod on both sides. It is also all sorted seasonally. Shirts on one side, pants and everything else on the other side. Within the shirt side it is divided into tank tops first, sleevless second, tee shirts, short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, long sleeves, light sweaters, pull overs, sweaters, jackets. I also have only all white matching hangers- and I cannot make an except with that. I have two different types of white hangers, one solid and one with the slot so stuff does not fall off, when I wear something I remove the hanger from it’s spot and place it at the front of the closet sorted into what type of white hanger it is. Like mother like daugther I guess. I balme you.

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