My neck is saying, “Ahhhh…..”


So this weekend, I had all my hair chopped off for Locks of Love. Goodbye, 13 inches! This was the first time I’d ever donated my hair, and it was a great experience, if not a tad traumatic. When the guy who cuts my hair forced those scissors through the top of my ponytail, every chunk I could feel coming loose made me want to scream. Once it was all cut off, he handed the ponytail right over to me as if it were a newborn baby. It was still warm, and I couldn’t resist the urge to pet it like a kitten. The whole experience was pretty strange.

Now, my neck stays cool in this awful heat, and I know it’s relieved not to have to hold up all that hair anymore! The best part is imagining my hair being worn by a child who otherwise couldn’t afford a wig.

It really is a great organization, and I was happy that my huge mop will be put to good use.



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    • I didn’t take a before picture but did take an after. Too bad you aren’t on FB anymore, or you could see it! 😛 I won’t get to see who gets my hair. Besides, it takes 6-10 donations to make one wig, as hard to believe as that is!

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