Cheapo Score!


Coupons and savings cards are my best friends. I haven’t always used them so avidly but the last year or two I’ve really gotten good at maximizing my savings. How good you may ask? Let me share what I scored yesterday:

$75  price marked on a pair of Nike running shoes at Kohl’s department store

$69.99 sale price marked on said shoes

$20.00 Kohl’s cash from where we bought new dishes

$10.00 Kohl’s cash (same as above)

$10.00 Kohl’s gift sent via e-mail to excuse their remodeling

$5.00 Kohl’s gift via e-mail for signing up for the e-mail notices

$3.75 15% discount card (got through e-mail)

$23.20 total price I paid for a pair of $75 running shoes. You may be thinking these are dorky shoes, but alas – they are cool:


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  1. No more Z-Coils?! What’s gotten into you?! Haha, I like your shoes and am giving you a virtual pat on the back for your thriftiness. That’s one thing I love about Kohl’s–that they’ll take coupon after coupon on the same purchase. I need to stock up on those and go get a bunch of maternity clothes.

  2. Oh – I still have my Z-Coils! They’re 2 years old now though and have definitely scene better days. The funny thing is – the z-coils are still more comfortable than the new Nikes 🙂

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