Tuesday Truth #25 – I heart Tupperware!


There’s something about Tupperware that makes my heart go pitty-pat. You know when you see a piece of this stuff it probably reminds you of your grandmother’s house. How many of your Grandmother’s had/have a bowl like this:

Something about that pleated top warms my heart.  Hubby and I have purchased who knows how many sets of containers and none have been as good as Tupperware.  Used to be, every other woman you met sold Tupperware but now, I don’t know of anyone. I also haven’t heard of anyone having a “Tupperware Party” in years and years. Loads of Pampered Chef people and other “in-home sale party” type things but no Tupperware. Why not? Do people no longer have to store their food? Have the disposable Ziploc containers stolen Tupperware’s market share? If I could find any, I’d happily rather buy Tupperware than any of the other stuff but alas, there is no Tupperware to be found. Anyone out there have pieces of Tupperware you love? Here’s a challenge – anyone know of someone selling it or who has had a party???

😦 Jennifer


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  1. I don’t know of anyone who sells it, but it would be a nice yard sale item to be on the lookout for. Actually, there’s usually a lady at the Lincoln County Fair who sells it, and I’ll be there in a few weeks. If she has a booth again this year, I’ll get you a catalog!

  2. Target had Tupperware years ago for a while. They had a whole section with boxed sets and then single pieces that you could purchase. You may want to check their site just to see. Otherwise, it’s garage sales and Ebay for you lady!

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