Book Review: The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews


Remember how I asked for beach reads a few weeks ago? Well, I checked one out from the library and finished it before we even left for the beach. Let me tell you about it!

I don’t even remember how I learned of The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews, but I’m glad I did, because it was a fun read. If you love Southern culture and interior design/home renovation (and you have lady parts and estrogen flowing through your veins) you will like it.

The Fixer Upper follows Dempsey Killebrew in her move from Washington D.C. to a tiny town in Georgia after she is involved–by accident–in a political scandal. She loses her job as a lobbyist and can’t afford the high rent, so it’s a situation she’s kind of forced into. Dempsey’s new home is actually a grand old house that her father inherited, and the plan is for her to restore it for resale. The only problem is that the house is in MUCH worse condition than they originally thought. Of course, this means that Dempsey will be forced to spend more time in this little podunk town than she wanted.

However, while she’s there, Dempsey encounters all kinds of fun characters (young and old) and learns how to perform some pretty big home improvement projects. Between the life lessons learned from her new friends and the self-confidence gained through her domestic accomplishments, Dempsey really experiences a great shift in her priorities and perception.

The book has funny parts, romantic parts, sentimental parts and dramatic, “You go, girl!” parts. It also discusses restoring hardwood floors, tiling, removing wallpaper, exterior paint colors and handcrafted kitchen islands…and it even has a few recipes at the end. What more could you want?



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  1. Ok, this not only sounds like my dream book, but one I should have written myself. Not sure if you are aware, but The Mister is from a little town in the middle of nowhere in GA. Going there for any reason is rarely considered a good thing. And, I can totally see us getting stuck in a similar situation, trying to fix up the unfixable for resale. I definitely have to read this one.

    Thanks for the tip!

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