Tuesday Truth #26 – How I eat my cereal (thank you, Fitzgeralds!)


Do any of you dear readers eat your cereal or any other foods in a particularly interesting way? Several years ago, we spent a couple of days in Las Vegas. To show you how long ago it was, it was when slot machines still dispensed coins, so it had to have been at least eight years ago. These days, they just spit out a boring old receipt. For some reason, it occurred to me that the casino cups would make an excellent container for cereal eating. You can fit a lot of cereal in the casino cups, it’s wide enough that you can easily access the cereal, and the taller-than-a-bowl sides keep it from spilling. Perfect!

The bad news is the last time we went to Las Vegas was when we discovered the change from coins to tickets, which means no more need for cups. I was really bummed out, because my original cups were getting old and rickety, and I needed to replenish my supply. Let me tell you, we decided to venture downtown to the older casinos (which is a pretty neat experience), and I hit the proverbial jackpot at Fitzgeralds.

We were there with my parents, and you should have seen the huge stack of cups my mom and I smuggled out. I think I ended up taking home six of them, and my mom brought home six cups for my brother, who hadn’t yet learned the pleasure of eating cereal out of them. Well, now he exclusively eats his cereal this way, too. If you’re ever able, you should give it a try!



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  1. The truth: I was eating a bowl of cereal as I read your post. Very funny post but I’ll disappoint you: I’m a traditional cereal eater. I agree…bring back the coins and the buckets! You never can get your full amount off of them. It seems I”m always leaving with .29 on a piece of paper.

  2. You need to post a picture of your fancy breakfast dishes 🙂

    I eat my cereal dry – no milk – so sometimes I just eat it with a fork!

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