Tuesday Truth #27 – I sing along to Glee :)


The funny part about this is I don’t regularly watch it. I’ve probably only seen about four episodes. However, those four had really good songs and WOWZA those kids can SING! The best part is when I’m in the shower and I can belt it out with the TV blaring so it drowns out my own singing. That way you can’t hear just how badly my singing really is.

I think I could really get into this show but I refuse to get hooked on any more tv shows. I actually don’t think I’m going to watch Dancing with the Stars this year because the so called “stars” are horribly lacking. The only one I even would be interested in seeing is Florence Henderson.

Oh – but back to Glee. I can totally see how this show is such a huge hit. Do you watch it? And, tell the truth, do you sing along? I bet Kelli does 🙂



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  1. You know, when Glee first came out, I thought I would love it…but I just don’t. I’ve never been a fan of musicals or anything like that, which is odd, because I’m such a fan of music. And we all know what a great singer I am. 😉

    I’d LOVE to be a fly on the wall when you’re belting out songs!

  2. You are cracking me up! I watch Glee when it first came out. Then the second season, The Mister started watching it too. Unfortunately, he also started deleting all the DVR’d episodes before I watched them and I basically missed season two. Wuh-wah.

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