Yep, it’s a boy


No question:

Hopefully he won't mind me showing you

The angle of the picture is as if he were xeroxing his bottom on a copy machine. We were so surprised! Everyone seemed to think the baby would be a girl. We had a definite name for her, which David’s parents had started calling the baby, as in, “How’s Sadie Lynn today?” Now we’re really in for some work, because we can’t seem to agree on a boy’s name……at all. This should be fun!

Any and all suggestions will be accepted!



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  1. I still vote for Tucker! It’s a wonderul name and an homage to your family heritage. And you could call him Tuck – how is that NOT cute???

  2. Tucker IS cute! So, who is he taking after so far? You or David? 🙂 Little boys are so sweet and you’ll make a great “boy” mom. I can’t think of any names! Naming a person has got to be THE hardest thing. It’s hard enough naming a pet but you can’t give up and name your child ‘leotard’! (True past pet name…ahhhh, college).

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